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You can understand a wide range of longer and more demanding texts or conversations and recognize implicit meanings. You are getting more comfortable and are able to express yourself without looking for expressions. You speak French fluently in social, academic and work situations. You can write well-structured and detailed texts on complex subjects, showing use of connectors and a good knowledge of syntax.
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Picasso - Grammar

Product Code: 2021 Spring II C1 12h (Picasso) 2021

Age Group ADULT
Type 12h - Specialized courses
Session 2021 - 2021 - Spring II
Pace 12h
Level C1
Schedules 12 May 2021 to 16 Jun 2021
  • Wednesday   6pm ▸ 8pm at Online (Charlotte Delouche)
Note: Grammaire intensive C1
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$185.00 CAD
Approx $153.10 USD