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A1 (Children)

13-17 Adomania 1 S1

Children classes - 13-17 years old

Theme: ''Let's get to know each other".

Objectives: say/spell your name, introduce yourself, give personal information (grammar and vocabulary: conjugation of some verbs to talk about oneself, interrogative pronouns, indefinite articles, the verb to be, some transparent words, days...

13-17 Adomania 1 S3

Children classes - 13-17 years old

Theme: ‘’Let’s move’’ and ‘’To middle school !” (1/2)


Objectives: talk about sports, describe people ask questions, express frequencies, talk about life at school and your schedule… (grammar and vocabulary : the verb “to do’’, “to play” and ‘’to go”, the open questions ‘’qu’est-ce que…” , ‘’quand…” and ‘’où…”…

6-8 Zig Zag 1 S5

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: ‘’Quick! Let’s go to school!’’.

 Objectives : talk about games you like to play at recess, ask someone if they want to play with you, say what you do at school, what's in your bag and the activities you like to do. (Vocabulary : recess games, school subjects, school supplies...)

6-8 Zig Zag 2 S3

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: “A day at the beach” + “To town! (1/2)”.

Objectives: Talk about your daily routine, ask and say the time of the day, talk about the weather, express a sensation, give an advice, give/ask directions… (Vocabulary and grammar : verbs of the daily activities, time, beach games, weather, perceptions and sensations, cities and buildings, itineraries, reflexive verbs present tense, …)

6-8 Zig Zag 1 S1

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: « Everybody to the parc!»

 Objectives: Identify something, introduce yourself and someone else, ask someone's age and say yours, describe something, be polite in French.

9-12 Tip Top 1 S2

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: “in the playground” + “ During the week (1/2)”.

 Objectives: say your age and ask someone else’s age, count to 12, tell what you do at recess, say what you like and don’t like… (grammar and vocabulary : j’ai, tu as + age, je joue, qu’est-ce que tu aimes ?, j’aime, je n’aime pas, je déteste…, recess games, numbers from 0 to 12, days of the week…)

9-12 Tip Top 1 S3

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: “During the week (2/2)” + “ with my family”.


Objectives: Introduce your family and your pet, describe someone (grammar and vocabulary : definite article le/la/les/l’, the question ‘’qui est-ce?”,c’est + possessive adjectives mon/ma/ton/ta…, masculine and feminine of adjectives, schools subjects, food, family members, pets)

9-12 Tip Top 2 S3

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: “next weekend (2/2)” + “ At the doctor’s”.


Objectives: say what you’re going to do, say how you feel, and where it hurts … (grammar and vocabulary : the future tense futur proche, ‘’j’ai mal à la/au/à l’/aux…’’, the negation, parce que, the human body…)
B1 (Children)

13-17 Adomania 3 S1

Children classes - 13-17 years old

Theme: “Free time”

 Objectives: express wishes, talk about your friends and your hobbies, express causes and consequences (grammar and vocabulary : review tenses and conjugations, COD and COI pronouns, relative pronouns qui and que, activities, relationships…)

13-17 Adomania 3 S2

Children classes - 13-17 years old

Theme: “generations” and ‘’away’’ (1/2)

Objectives: Describe objects from the past, tell memories, compare before and now, locate and describes places, describe traditions. (Grammar and vocabulary : past tense IMPARFAIT, indefinite pronouns, negation NE... PLUS..., DEPUIS and IL Y A, prepositions to indicate an origin, objects, technology, places and landscapes…)
B2 (Children)

13-17 A plus 5 S5

Children classes - 13-17 years old

Theme: ‘’So much happiness!”

Objectives : Analyze a concept, share your vision of life, express joy, sadness and happiness, give advice about wellbeing… (grammar and vocabulary : connective words to express causes and consequences, the possibility, sociology and psychology, idioms, …)
Summer Camp

Week 1 - Cuisine Française (French Cuisine)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 2 -Expériences scientifiques (Science experiments)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 3 - Semaine jurassique (Jurrasic week)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 4 - Semaine Edmonton a un incroyable talent (Edmonton's got talent)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 5 - Cuisine Française 2éme Edition

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 6 - C'est à cause de TikTok ! (TikTok made me do it)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 7 - Sorciers et sorcières (Witches and Wizards)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 8 - Pirates !

Summer camp - 6-11

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