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A1 (Children)

6-8 Zig Zag 1 Session 1

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: « Everybody to the parc!»

 Objectives: Identify something, introduce yourself and someone else, ask someone's age and say yours, describe something, be polite in French.

6-8 Zig Zag 1 Session 4

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: “Kids’ Olympics! (2/2)”.”+ ‘’Yay circus !”.

Objectives : identify the parts of your body, locate people and objects, describe people's clothes, express emotions and feelings... (Vocabulary : body, localization in space, clothes, family, emotions...)

Pace: 12h

6-8 Zig Zag 2 Session 1

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: « Let’s go to Brussels!»

Objectives: Talk about yourself, interview a classmate, locate a city or a country, talk about your activities during the week, describe people and objects… (Vocabulary and grammar : cities and countries in Europe, parts of the face, masculine/feminine/singular/plural of adjectives…)

Pace: 12h

9-12 Tip Top 1 Session 3

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: “During the week (2/2)” + “ with my family”.


Objectives: Introduce your family and your pet, describe someone (grammar and vocabulary : definite article le/la/les/l’, the question ‘’qui est-ce?”,c’est + possessive adjectives mon/ma/ton/ta…, masculine and feminine of adjectives, schools subjects, food, family members, pets)

9-12 Tip Top 1 Session 4

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: “ In the kitchen”

- Objectives : say what you want and ask for what you want, ask and answer politely, give a command… (grammar and vocabulary : the question

qu’est-ce que tu veux?, the verb vouloir, the articles du/de la/de l’/des, the imperative tense with regular verbs, meals, breakfast food, some quantities, s’il te plait…)

9-12 Tip Top 2 Session 3

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: “next weekend (2/2)” + “ At the doctor’s”.


Objectives: say what you’re going to do, say how you feel, and where it hurts … (grammar and vocabulary : the future tense futur proche, ‘’j’ai mal à la/au/à l’/aux…’’, the negation, parce que, the human body…)

Mini Frenchies- 3-5 years old - beginner

Mini Frenchies
A class tailored for children 3 to 5 years old. Through fun activities, children will become familiar with the French language.
B1 (Children)

13-17 Adomania 4 Session 2

Children classes - 13-17 years old

Theme: “Trendy” + “talents”

Objectives: describe appearances, talk about your influences, talk about your achievements… (grammar and vocabulary: the subjunctive tense, pronouns, the past tense plus-que-parfait, the indirect speech, sports, contests, talents, fashion, fabrics, slang…)

B2 (Children)

13-17 Teens Advanced (B2) - Défi 4 Session 5

Children classes - 13-17 years old

Theme: ‘’the heart at work’’

Objectives : talk about professional skills, ask formal questions, present a company, talk about job interviews… (grammar and vocabulary: formal questions, professional skills, work, achievements…)
Summer Camp

Week 1 - Cuisine Française (French Cuisine)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 2 - Les petits reporters (Little reporters)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 3 - Semaine jurassique (Jurassic week)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 4 - Edmonton a un incroyable talent (Edmonton's got talent)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 5 - Le tour du monde en 5 jours (Around the world in 5 days)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 6 - Cuisine Française 2ème Edition

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 7 - Sorciers et sorcières (Witches and Wizards)

Summer camp - 6-11

Week 8 - Pirates !

Summer camp - 6-11

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