French Discovery

The earlier they start, the better!

Studies show that children under 7 years old learn faster and better a foreign language due to their brain plasticity! This fun class focuses on oral activities to develop vocabulary and phonetics.

Our approach 

Our highly qualified teachers strive to provide excellent lessons in a fun and friendly environment. Classes are taught in French as much as possible in order to maximize exposure. The small number of students ensures everyone has the opportunity to participate. Adapted activities and materials such as games, songs, tales and a positive teaching approach are among the many ways we ensure the best results for your children.

4 - 5 years old

1 hour every Saturday

10 students maximum

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Our courses are now organized in 5 sessions throughout the year, from September to June. Each session lasts 8 weeks, to ensure an appropriated pace and the best learning! You can get the early-bird discount up until a week before the start of the session, so the earlier you register, the better! Sessions are usually open for registration 4 to 6 weeks before they begin.