Our Team

Our qualified teachers and dedicated administrative staff make for a dynamic team!

Our Staff

Our administrative team is here to help you register in class, join our events and answer your questions!


Anne-Carole arrived in 2019 after working as head of the Alliance Française of Mutsamudu in the Comoros. Before that she worked in Beijing, China. In 2020, she became our Executive Director. She likes working abroad as it allows her to continuously discover plenty of people and foreign cultures. In addition to all this, Anne-Carole is a Kizomba dance instructor. 


Born and raised near Paris, Damema taught French in Peru, France and Barbados before arriving in Canada in 2018. She is also the Class Director since 2020. She loves to know other people’s opinions on all sorts of topics from movies to literature, fashion or the news. She also enjoys yoga, Indian food and traveling around the world.


Meriem comes from the city of Kenitra, Morocco. She studied in France to become an Engineer in Economics. In 2019, Meriem moved to Edmonton and started working at L’UniThéâtre. She likes to cook and sew, she recently started to try making Asian dishes! Meriem joined the team in 2021 and is taking care of all class-related matters, as well as general administration.


Julie is our Cultural Coordinator, taking care of cultural and social events, as well as communication. After graduating she worked in France, travelled in New-Zealand, Australia, SE Asia and the US. She joined our team in 2017. She likes climbing, hiking, biking, theatre, and contemporary dance.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers are qualified in the teaching of French as a Second Language (FSL).


Charlotte was born in France, she taught French in China (Beijing and Chengdu) and the UK, she enjoys going for a walk and she likes to cook! She is also really interested in cinema and litterature. She joined the Alliance Française of Edmonton in March 2022.


Séverine is from Reunion Island, she was a French teacher in China (Beijing and Jinan) as well as in the US (Providence, Rhode Island).  She loves to travel and she likes cooking, she also knits cute sweaters! She joined our team in March 2022.


Prudence was born in France. She holds two Master's degree, one in Japanese language and culture, one in teaching French and English. She studied in Japan, worked in the UK and Australia as a French teacher. She loves rock climbing and playing the piano! She joined our team in January 2023.


Florence was born on Reunion Island, she studied Cinema in London (UK) and lived there for 12 years. She first worked in Festivals. In 2020 she got her CELTA and started teaching English in London and the Reunion Island. She will soon become a certified French teacher as well. She arrived in Canada in September 2022. Florence loves Japanese and Korean cinema, hiking and eating cakes!


Clara is studying in order to teach French as a second language. She loves to discover the world and its different cultures and she enjoys learning new languages! She is currently learning French Sign Language. She is also a vegetarian food lover and loves to try new restaurants.


Jean-Luc was born in Ivory Coast, where he graduated with a Bachelor in Education and a Bachelor in Marketing. He was a teacher there for several years, before moving to Edmonton in 2016. He also speaks German. Jean-Luc likes to play soccer, travel and eat spicy food!


Coming from France, Charlotte loves wine and cheese! She studied French literature and arrived in Edmonton in 2018. She loves learning languages, in fact, she is currently learning Farsi!


Born in Lebanon, she holds a master’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in school management. She taught for 14 years, biology and French as a foreign/second language in French institutions in Lebanon. She came to Canada in September 2022 to begin the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program at the University of Alberta’s Campus Saint-Jean. She loves to explore new places and taste strange dishes.


Born in Iran, Forough likes photography, travels and cooking. She joined us in 2019 after teaching French as a foreign language for almost 10 years in various institutions and francophone schools.


Charu used to be a primary school teacher in India. She then turned towards teaching French  and joined the Alliance française of Edmonton in 2009.  Charu will attract you with her energy and will teach you French in a friendly yet effective manner!


Born in France, Cynthia grew up on Reunion Island. After 10 years of experience in early childhood and workshop facilitation, she turned to teaching. She is currently an assistant professor at Campus Saint-Jean and is also pursuing her education studies there. She joined our team in September 2020. She loves traveling, enjoys photography, yoga and hiking.


Carolle is from Benin, she worked for several years in communication, as clients manager. When she moved to Edmonton she decided to turn to elementary school teaching. She likes spicy food and discovering new recipes.
she's been part of our team of teachers since 2021.


Nelly started to teach French as a Foreign Language in Lebanon. Teacher at the French Alliance of Edmonton since 2009, Nelly knows how to motivate and captivate students and above all she will adapt to your specific language needs.


From Saskatchewan, Claude joined the team in 2020. He used to work for the government and is now an elementary school teacher after going back to studying. Claude is fond of choirs and likes to volunteer for meaningful organizations.


Anam came from France in 2019 just before the pandemic, she graduated with a Master's degree in Bio-Sciences and is doing her Phd in business administration. She joined us in 2020 after teaching French as a foreign language for almost 3 years in various Canadian institutions. She also teaches Urdu and Hindi. Anam has 23 chickens, 2 birds and two goats. She likes gardening. 

Our Board

As a non-profit organization, our board is here to make sure we're on the right strategic path and helps with administration and planning. Any member of the Alliance française of Edmonton can be presented as a candidate and elected for 2 years during the Annual General Meeting.




Vice President











If you would like to join the team,

Teaching jobs: we are actively looking for people to teach on Saturdays and at nights. If you have a working visa/permanent residency or Canadian citizenship and you have teaching experience in FLE/FLS, you can send your resume and cover letter over email to Damema Blanchet, Class director, at : ecole@afedmonton.ca
Click here for the full job description (in French).

Internships: we are looking for a Culture & Communication intern!
Click here for the full job description and eligibility criteria (in French).