Our Team

Our qualified teachers and dedicated administrative staff make for a dynamic team!

Our Staff

Our administrative team is here to help you register in class, join our events and answer your questions!


Executive Director

Anne-Carole joined our team in 2019, having previously served as the head of Alliance Française in Mutsamudu, Comoros. Prior to that, she gained valuable experience working in Beijing, China. In 2020, Anne-Carole was appointed as our Executive Director. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Anne-Carole is also a skilled Kizomba dance instructor.


Educational Coordinator 

Thomas has arrived in June 2023, he is our courses manager. Originally from Toulouse, in France, he particularly enjoys working abroad ; after Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Bolivia, China and Kosovo, he settled down in Canada. He enjoys watching TV shows, playing board games (including in class!) and travelling. 


Class Coordinator

Originally from the city of Kenitra, Morocco, Meriem pursued her studies in France to become an Engineer in Economics. In 2019, she went to Edmonton and started working at L’UniThéâtre. Apart from having a liking for cooking and sewing, she has also recently ventured into preparing Asian cuisine. Meriem became a member of the team in 2021 and has taken up the responsibility of managing all class-related issues along with overseeing general administration.


Cultural Coordinator 

Emma oversees all of our cultural and social events, as well as our communication efforts. With a background in communication and press relations from her literary studies, Emma earned a Master's degree in Intercultural Management in France. Her passion for exploring new cultures and meeting new people led her to venture to Canada. Emma is an avid sports enthusiast and particularly enjoys horseback riding, cooking...

Our Teachers

All of our teachers are qualified in the teaching of French as a Second Language (FSL).


Prudence, born in France, holds two Master's degrees - one in Japanese language and culture and another in teaching French and English. She pursued her studies in Japan and later worked as a French teacher in both the UK and Australia. Apart from her passion for teaching, Prudence also has a keen interest in rock climbing and playing piano. She recently joined our team in January 2023.


Born in the North of France, Élise studied psychology and audiovisual translation before turning to teaching. She loves cats and books about cats. She's just joined the Alliance Française team in April 2024 as a FLE intern (French as a foreign language).


Anastasiia is originally from Ukraine , travelled, lived and worked all over the world, including several countries in Europe, South Asia and North America. She graduated university in Ukraine and continued her studies in France. She has worked with children and adult groups for the past few years. She moved to Edmonton in 2023 and became a part of our team. She likes hiking, skating and going for walks with her dog.


Damema, who was born and raised near Paris, arrived in Canada in 2018. As one of our French teacher, Damema takes pleasure in gathering insights from others on a diverse range of subjects, including movies, literature, fashion, and current affairs. She also enjoys practicing yoga, she loves Indian cuisine, and exploring different parts of the globe.


Charlotte was born in France, she taught French in China and the UK, she enjoys going for a walk and she likes to cook! She joined the Alliance Française of Edmonton in March 2022.


Born in Colombia and French for 7 years, Paola is passionate about languages, cultures and teaching. After studying pedagogy in Colombia, she decided to move to France to be a Spanish teacher and to do her master's degree in FLE at the Sorbonne University. It was thanks to FLE that Paola was able to reconcile two of her passions: travel and teaching French. She has taught French in Ireland, Australia, France, Colombia and now Canada.


Jean-Luc was born in Ivory Coast, where he completed his Bachelor's degrees in Education and Marketing. He worked as a teacher there for several years before going to Edmonton in 2016. Additionally, he is proficient in German. Jean-Luc enjoys playing soccer, traveling, and relishing spicy food!


Elsa completed a Master's degree in Education Sciences. Originally from Bordeaux, she has worked in several countries, including Mexico, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Morocco, where she currently lives, in the fields of teaching French as a foreign language and culture. She is also a textile and visual artist. Elsa is passionate about theater, cinema, literature, and dreams of seeing the Northern Lights. 


Curtis was born in Gabon and grew up in the parisian suburbs. He studied business before French teaching, which led to a Masters in Science of Education. He started in the US with a job of teaching assistant in a French Immersion school in Portland then he taught French at the Alliance Française of Calgary in 2021. He then moved to Brussels where he currently lives. Curtis is also an artiste, writer, poet and astrologer. He loves art, filmmaking, theatre and cooking. 



Charu, who began her career as a primary school teacher in India, shifted her focus to teaching French and joined the Alliance française of Edmonton in 2009. Her enthusiasm and vitality will undoubtedly captivate you, as she employs a friendly and effective approach to teaching French


Nelly's teaching journey began in Lebanon, where she taught French as a Foreign Language. She has been a teacher at the French Alliance of Edmonton since 2009, and her expertise in motivating and captivating students is unparalleled. Moreover, Nelly has a remarkable ability to customize her teaching methods according to your specific language needs.


Cynthia was born in France but raised on Reunion Island. After gaining 10 years of experience in early childhood and workshop facilitation, she turned to teaching. Presently, she is an assistant professor at Campus Saint-Jean, where she is also pursuing her education studies. Cynthia joined our team in September 2020. Her interests include traveling, photography, yoga, and hiking

Our Board

As a non-profit organization, our board is here to make sure we're on the right strategic path and helps with administration and planning. Any member of the Alliance française of Edmonton can be presented as a candidate and elected for 2 years during the Annual General Meeting.



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More info to come !



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Born in Brittany, Sylviane was raised in the picturesque harbor of Honfleur in Normandy. She then, moved to Vancouver and Edmonton in the mid 80's. Despite the distance, France has always taken a big part in her life. Many trips and exchanges with her family in France, allowed her to keep and pass on the language and the culture she loves.



Bill Godfrey was a teacher and school principal in Edmonton for 33 years. One of his retirement projects has been to learn French, and he started taking classes with the Alliance Française in 2019. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2021.

Valérie Fonseca


More info to come !

If you would like to join the team,

Teaching jobs: we are actively looking for people to teach on Saturdays and at nights. If you have a working visa/permanent residency or Canadian citizenship and you have teaching experience in FLE/FLS, you can send your resume and cover letter over email to Thomas, Class director, at : ecole@afedmonton.ca

Culture job: Communication and marketing job (1 year old) - imminent.