Prep my TEF / TCF

Get ready with Prep my Future!

More than 1500 exercises included in the TEF or TCF training with detailed explanations in both French and English.

Training content

This training covers all 5 TEF or TCF exams:

  •   Written expression
  •   Lexique and structure
  •   Oral comprehension
  •   Written comprehension
  •   Oral expression

Included Activities

  •   1 TEF / TCF diagnostic
  •   3 mock exams for the TEF or TCF
  •   Over 35 method sheets for every type of question
  •   Grammar and vocabulary recaps
  •   TEF activities and exercises to improve your score

Preparation in actual exam conditions

  • Replicates the TEF or TCF exam conditions
  • Audio recordings and scripts
  • A modern, easy to use interface

Course sheets and training

  • Course sheets covering each concept
  • Solving tips and techniques
  • Adaptative trainings for every course sheet

Full performance analysis

  • Auto-corrected exercises
  • Detailed explanations
  • Highlights your strength and weaknesses

Important information

  • The access to Prepmyfuture is offered by Alliance Française of Edmonton but it is an independant service provided by a partner organization. 
  • No refund or exchange is possible once you purchased the preparation module.  
  • After the payment, you will get unlimited access to the platform for 12 months.

How to register

Click below on the exam preparation you wish to purchase.

After your payment is processed, you will receive an email in the next couple of days with your code and password giving you access the Prepmyfuture platform. (If you need immediate access please give us a call at 780-469-0399)

Prep my TEF - online prep - $80 Prep my TEF - online prep - $80

Prep my TCF - online prep - $80 Prep my TCF - online prep - $80

You want more?

Get the online prep + 2h of private class with one of our teachers specialized in exam preparation for only $225! You will be able to work more and have in-person feedback, especially for the Written and Oral Expressions components.

Prep my TEF online + 2h of in-person private class - $225 Prep my TEF online + 2h of in-person private class - $225

Prep my TCF online + 2h of in-person private class - $225
Prep my TCF online + 2h of in-person private class - $225