The French Evaluation Test (TEF) is a test of general French which assesses the level of proficiency in French of native and non-native French speakers alike.

There are different types of TEF exams. Some are directed at candidates wishing to assess their level of proficiency in French for immigration applications to Canada or Quebec, for French citizenship applications or to go study in France. You will find more information about the different TEF down below and on the website of Paris Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Description & structure

TEF: Test d'Evaluation du Français / French Evaluation Test. Click here to learn more about the test. It's issued by the French Ministry of Education and remains valid for 2 years.

TEF Canada

To learn more about the TEF Canada (for Canadian permanent residency and citizenship) requirements, click here.

TEF Québec (TEFAQ)

To learn more about the TEF Québec (for immigration to Québec) requirements, click here.

TEF French Citizenship

To learn more about the TEF Naturalisation (for French and Swiss citizenships) requirements, click here.

TEF French Residency

To learn more about the TEF Carte de résident (for French resident card) requirements, click here.

Please note:

Your registration will be completed once we receive both your form and payment.

On the day of the exam, we will take a picture of you to confirm your identity.

You'll find examples of frauds and possible penalties here

By registering and paying for the examination, you agree to our terms and conditions of the TEF examination and you certify that you have read all the necessary documents.

You won’t be able to enter the exam if you don’t have the ID you signed up with on the form or if you arrive after the exam officially began.

The biggest part of the exam will be on computer, at the Alliance française of Edmonton.

Next sessions & registration dates

All exams are organised at the Alliance française of Edmonton. Your complete registration (form + payment) needs to be received, at the latest, 10 days before your exam date.


    • June 14, 2024 (sold out)
    • June 27, 2024 (sold out)


    • July 12, 2024 (sold out)
    • July 17, 2024
    • July 26, 2024
    • July 31, 2024


    • August 16, 2024 
    • August 30, 2024

    The exam starts at 10amIf late, you will not be allowed to enter and will not be granted any refund.
    Until 1:00pm, you will take the computer-based parts of the exam in group (Writing, Listening, Reading).
    Your oral expression (Speaking) will be scheduled on the same day, between 1:00pm and 4pm. You will receive the details at the latest a week before your exam.


    Full Exam
    - $390

    How to register

    1. Read about the requirements for your situation, our policies and the candidate guide available here (in French).
    3. For the TEF CANADA ONLY
      1. Click here to fill out the form and proceed with payment, at least 10 days before your exam date.
      2. Your registration is now complete! You will receive an email from us a week, at the latest, before your exam, with the instructions and details. Don't forget to check your spams and junk emails!
      3. If you have any questions or didn't receive the email, please contact us at tef@afedmonton.ca
    4. For other TEF exams, please contact us.

    How to prepare

    1. Prep courses (not a language course). We offer 2 prep courses in collaboration with PrepMyTef:
      • On your own ($80): you will have access to a dedicated website with mock tests, grammar and vocabulary lessons and pointers for the test…) .
        • With a teacher ($225): you will also have access to this dedicated website, but we will add 2 hours of private course with a teacher (who also happens to be a certified TEF examiner!) to give you an opportunity to work on the Writing and Speaking parts of the exam. Contact us if you'd like to book one!

    2. Private classes: personalised training and flexible scheduling, private tuition is a great way to get ready before your exam. Click here to learn more.
    3. Resources:
        • Familiarize yourself with the sample questions available there: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Vocabulary and Structure.
        • Use the tutorials to familiarise yourself with the oral comprehension and expression sections of the TEF (in French).
        • Download the Français 3.0 mobile app.
        • Our multimedia library stocks books to help you prepare for the TEF.


      Your answers will be sent to Paris CCI for grading. The Alliance française of Edmonton is not grading the exam and cannot be held responsible for the results obtained by the candidate.
      Your results will be communicated by 
      email 4 to 6 weeks after the exam. The virtual certificates will be sent directly by Paris CCI to the email address you registered with.