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A1 (Children)

6-8 Cap Sur 1 Session 1

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme : Cousteau Family

Objectives : say and ask how you are, what your name is, your age, present your family … (Vocabulary and grammar : family members, colors, verbs s’appeler and avoir, numbers 1 to 10.)

Pace: 12h

6-8 Cap Sur 2 Session 2

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme : In the market

Objectives : ask for and give directions, talk about places in town, buy something (Vocabulary and grammar : shops, food, quantities, imperative, article partitif, verb coûter.)

Pace: 12h

6-8 Zig Zag 2 Session 4

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: ''A few days at Rita’s" 

Objectives: identify the rooms in a house, locate things and people, count to 60, whish someone something, understand and tell a story… (Vocabulary and grammar : rooms and objects in a house, localization in space, numbers to 60, demonstrative words CE/CETTE…)

Pace: 12h

9-12 Tip Top 1 Session 1

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: ‘’in the classroom”

Objectives: say hi, introduce yourself, ask someone's name and say yours, ask someone how they are doing and say how you are doing, identify an object. (Vocabulary and grammar: introductions, colors, school supplies, ça va bien/très bien, comment tu t’appelles, je m’appelle, qu’est-ce que c’est, c’est un/une + noun…)

9-12 Tip Top 1 Session 6

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: ‘’After school”

Objectives : say what you do after school, count to 20, locate a place… (Grammar and vocabulary : er verbs with all the pronouns, the preposition dans, the house, some irregular er verbs, numbers from 13 to 20…)

9-12 Tip Top 2 Session 2

Children classes - 6-12 years old

Theme: “In the city” + “next weekend (1/2)’’

 Objectives: say your address, ask and give directions, invite someone… (grammar and vocabulary : où est…, the verb aller + article : je vais à la/au/à l’/aux…, the tense impératif négatif, directions, the city, transportation, sports…)

B1 (Children)

13-17 Adomania 4 Session 5

Children classes - 13-17 years old

Theme: "Projects"

Objectives: ask questions about the future, talk about career guidance, express wishes for the future. (Vocabulary and grammar: be argumentative, express wishes, express certainty and doubt…)

B2 (Children)

13-17 Teens Advanced (B2) - Défi 4 Session 7

Children classes - 13-17 years old

Theme: "On the tip of your tongue"

Objectives: to speak as one writes, to write as one speaks, francophonie and interculturality, to make an argument, to structure a discourse. (Vocabulary and grammar: emphasis, past simple tense, figures of speech, words of debate…)

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