13 to 17 years old

Encourage your child to start a new language or boost their school performance in French!

Our multidisciplinary approach encourages interactions in French with role playing. This course focuses on developing oral communication, including both listening comprehension and speaking skills.

Teens will additionally build a solid foundation in reading and writing in French while learning strategies to become a more independent foreign language learner.

Our stimulating program 

Our primary goal is to give teens enough confidence to cope with real life situations. This is achieved through meaningful exercises, such as creative role-plays, discussions and task based activities. If the emphasis is on speaking and listening, nevertheless reading and writing are also important parts of the courses and grammar remains an essential component.

If you wish to register your kid for a full year, please get in touch with us.


  • Our courses are organized in 5 sessions throughout the year, from September to June + 1 Summer session.  
  • Each session you get 8 weeks of class to ensure an appropriated pace and the best learning (Summer may vary).
  • Early-bird discount are valid until a week before the start of the session, so the earlier you register, the better!
  • Sessions are usually open for registration 4 to 6 weeks before they begin.

And if you're looking for more...

Parent-children tutoring

Book a private class with your child for an original bonding activity where you both learn.